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The Pros & Cons of False Ceiling.

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The definition of what a false ceiling is, its pros & cons for your space plus what to take note of when installing them.


What is a False Ceiling?

“False ceiling, as the name suggests, is an artificial ceiling/secondary ceiling created and hung below the existing ceiling slab. It is suspended from the main ceiling with the help of wooden or metal rafters.”

“A wooden or metal/aluminium rafters is a beam forming part of the internal framework of a roof.”

- Oxford Languages.

The Internal Framework

Below is an example of internal framework that is constructed for a condominium. Grid-like structures are suspended away from the ceiling. This gap thus allows for the wirings as shown below, to later be concealed within the gap once the ceiling panels are added on.

internal framework of false ceiling

Photo Courtesy of Homeworks Consultancy

The False Ceiling Panel

False Ceiling Panels are typically made up of Plasterboard panels. The size of it is usually 1200mm x 2400mm . These panels are mounted onto the framework as shown below. The gaps, are then additionally sealed using plaster so that the gaps are sealed up.

construction of plasterboards on internal framework of false ceiling by Homeworks Consultancy

Photo Courtesy of Homeworks Consultancy

The Finish Product

Upon completion of plastering and it being dried, light installation will likely begin around this stage. And finally the finishing painting works will commence giving you the finish product of a clean looking ceiling without wirings and piping. Next, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages as well as recommendations of having such ceiling works.

False Ceiling with Aircon vents by Homeworks Consultancy

Photo Courtesy of Homeworks Consultancy

What are the advantages of a false ceiling?

  1. False ceiling conceals all the messy wiring and ducting on the ceiling or along the walls. Thus, it helps to provide a clean look for your ceiling and your overall space.

  2. The gap created between a false ceiling and an existing ceiling lets you play with lightings such as cove lights, recessed lights, etc. It can also be used to install air-conditioning vents.

  3. The air that is trapped between the gap cools down the room. Additionally, installing a false ceiling will make your room smaller, thus saving your electricity bills as you don't have to exhaust your air-conditioners that much.

  4. The false ceiling helps create better acoustics within the space due to the ceiling's additional layer. Hence, it will reduce echoes as it will absorb the sound within the room.

  5. Have you ever encountered a project whereby you have to deal with lofty vertical homes or spaces? By installing a false ceiling, you can lower your ceiling and not have to worry about changing the existing structure.

False Ceiling for HDB flats?

“Apart from the benefits, what are the cons of installing false ceiling? Is it recommended for lower ceiling HDB Flats?"

“A common question from readers”

- Circular Connection

What do you need to take note of before installing a false ceiling?

  1. You can consider installing a false ceiling only when you have at least a comfortable clearance in ceiling height. This is because, false ceiling would lower the overall ceiling height.

  2. For HDB flats, the ceiling height usually range between 2.4 meters to even 2.5 meters. The drop height of a false ceiling ranges between 120mm to 150mm depending on the clearance catered within the ceiling due to the selection of light fittings.

  3. Do note that additional support structure may be required within the false ceiling, if you need to hang heavy items such as pendant lamps, or other suspended racks, etc.

  4. If you are doing a flat false ceiling, meaning to say, no cove light where bugs can climb into, then you need not worry about pests manifestation. Because a flat and full false ceiling will not have those gaps.

For more in-depth information on false ceilings The different types of false ceiling & the materials being used.

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