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Singapore photographer captured Pasir Ris Park's hidden beauty and unexpected charm!

Spend your weekends waking up early, going for a walk along Pasir Ris Park, and being amazed at Singapore's nature.

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Photo Courtesy of Joseph Ooi from Singapore Hikers/Facebook


The early rays of sunlight passing through the tree branches create such a picturesque moment, almost similar to what feels like heaven on earth.

Images of Pasir Ris Park taken by Joseph Ooi on May 12 have shown another side of Pasir Ris Park that most of us were not familiar with. On May 14, he then shared the collection of photos of Pasir Ris Park looking heavenly on the Singapore Hikers Facebook.

Singapore Hikers Facebook Page is “A special interest group to bring like-minded people together to explore the wilder side of Singapore and potentially other activities beyond Singapore. You must be a nature lover, love trekking or hiking and is not afraid of bugs and the sun!”

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Ooi from Singapore Hikers/Facebook

Joseph mentioned that he happened to be at the right place and at the right time to capture that splendid moment. He admitted there’s simply no secret to his amazing shots. It was just the right conditions on that early morning where the air was misty and the sun rays were “extraordinary”.

The photographer was not exactly sure which part of Pasir Ris Park the shots were taken. He mentioned it was “at the grove of matured rain trees near the broadwalk and stable”.

Looking forward to seeing your series of Pasir Ris Park photos!

If you want to capture and experience the same extraordinary moment at Pasir Ris Park as Joseph Ooi, you shall wake up as early as 7:45am, go for your morning exercise and explore the park!

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