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Marvel the unseen in Singapore.

This video by Jayaprakash Bojan and Dan may change your perception of what a park is in Singapore.

Video Courtesy of JD Wild Productions


Singapore and its unexpected nature possessions!

Due to the Covid-19 situation worldwide, travel overseas has been restricted. While many are struggling to manage their work and daily lives, the two individuals, Jayaprakash Bojan and Dan, took it upon themselves to show us what we actually have in Singapore. Most of us wouldn't even realise it, although it might be just one street away.

Have your perception changed after watching this video or would you look at a park in a different light from now on?

Please share this video with your friends as a way to support Jayaprakash Bojan and Dan's months of hard work and effort in bringing us footage of marvel right in the comfort of our screens!

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Cover Image: JD Wild Productions


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