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Enchanting Frost: A Winter Wonderland of Ice Magic

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Photo Credit to ByKido

Singapore joyfully heralds the return of the mesmerizing Ice Magic Winter Wonderland! Prepare for an enchanting journey as the ethereal frosty wonders unveil themselves in this spectacular seasonal extravaganza. Get ready for a magical experience that promises to captivate and delight visitors of all ages.


Photo Credit to SGBargainQueen

This year's Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland event showcases an array of exciting attractions, including:

1. Singapore's longest snow slope, towering at 6.5 meters high and stretching 98 meters long!

2. The inaugural dual-lane couples' ice slide—race to the finish line!

3. A pioneering carousel on ice.

4. A brand-new mini ice slide.

5. High-spec glacier art and exquisite ice sculptures.

6. Dazzling glittering icicles.

7. Experience the Enchanted Night of Ice Magic during the final hour of each session.

8. Engage in snowmen building and snowball fights for an unforgettable icy adventure.

9. Indulge in winter-themed culinary delights, featuring Swiss baked potato pancakes, fine wines, and marshmallow chocolate toast.

Step into a magical realm of ice where every photo captures the enchantment of a fantastical kingdom! Regardless of age, everyone can find a perfect playground, diving into the joy of ice and snow, and crafting enduring memories in this whimsical winter wonderland!

Photo Credit to Ice Magic Asia

Price: $19~$49

Event Date: December 9 ~ January 21, 2024

Location: Bayfront Event Space

Purchase tickets at: Sistic

For more information, you can check out their website.

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