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Singapore Bird Park Launches Penguin Luxury Camping Experience during School Holidays

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Photo Credit to Mandai Bird Paradise

Embark on a distinctive adventure this school holiday at Singapore Bird of Prey Park, where they're hosting an exclusive luxury camping experience inspired by enchanting penguins. Immerse yourself in the marvels of nature and make this vacation truly special with a unique blend of luxury and wildlife excitement!


Photo Credit to Mandai Bird Paradise

Experience the Glamping with the Penguins adventure, a unique two-day, one-night camping escapade that lets you spend two full days and nights in cozy tents at Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove. Immerse yourself in the delightful company of penguins while enjoying a breathtaking light show!

Alongside this camping journey, partake in various enjoyable activities such as the Wings of the World spectacle, gaining insights into the daily activities of a veterinarian at an avian hospital, encountering rare Asian birds, exploring the Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands Guided Tour, and much more.

This brief yet incredibly satisfying 48-hour getaway is perfect for those with a profound animal interest. Parents, seize this chance to include your little one in this remarkable experience!

Address: 20 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729825

Event Date: Dec 2023 (Designated Friday-Sunday)

Event Time: 4pm - 2am

Price: Starting at $1699 per tent

For more information, you can check out their website.

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