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No more FREE stuff! Google's unlimited free storage is ending soon.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Google Photos will limit its free storage to 15GB starting on 1st June 2021, encouraging people to sign up for Google One subscription plan.

No more FREE stuff! Google's unlimited free storage is ending soon.

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What is this all about?

“For the past 5 years, Google Photos has provided people with free unlimited storage to back up their high-quality photos and videos. And now it's going to end?”

Google Photos will start charging users once they have used more than 15 GB of storage.

Google Drive policy will also change as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides will start to join the data limit. Besides, the company will start deleting data from inactive Google accounts. When your accounts have been passive for 2 years, Google will send multiple notifications to you before finally attempting to delete your data.

It will all start on 1st June 2021! You still have time, my friends!

Only your new uploads after 1st June 2021 will be counted in the 15GB storage limit. All the photos and videos you have previously backed up in Google Photos will still be there and considered free - not counted in the data cap!

Google Photos to start limiting data storage on 1st June 2021

So, my advice will be:

Hurry up and store all your existing photos and videos in Google Photos before the cut-off date!!!

Along with it, Google Photos will also provide new features such as a tool in managing your storage by assisting you to identify and delete data that you might not want, like blurry images and screenshots or large video files.

Besides, Google mentions that 80% of Google Photos users should be able to store 3 years worth of content with the 15 GB storage capacity.

Should you give it a try and see?

Therefore, you will still have ample time to decide whether to still use Google Photos, join its Google One storage subscription, or move to another cloud storage provider.

Should you subscribe Google Photos Google One subscription Plan?

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