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Mommies' Best Friend - Pregnancy & Parenting App.

Are you planning to have a baby? Are you pregnant? Are you a mother-to-be? or already a parent? This app is your must-have app!

Mommies' Best Friend - Pregnancy & Parenting App.


Those of you who are experiencing all these journeys mentioned above for the first time will surely have a lot of questions regarding this whole process of pregnancy, giving birth to a baby, and being a good parent to your child. It cannot be denied that being a mother with a 2 years old or even 5 years old child still doesn't guarantee that you know everything about parenting yet.

Are you planning to have a baby? Are you pregnant? Are you a mother-to-be? or already a parent? This app is your must-have app!

Don't worry, mommies and mommies-to-be! We have found a perfect answer to satisfy all your curiosities and is conveniently packaged in one online mobile application called 'theAsianparent' app.

Have you ever heard about it? So, what does this app do?

In this modern age, where we have all the perks of gaining information as easy as turning the palm of the hand, our concerns should be more directed towards the reliability of the source we collect our information from.

“I remember myself looking for information everywhere on pregnancy, delivering a baby, breastfeeding, and even how to care for my little ones. I bought books, I Googled, and I even asked my family and friends. Information was everywhere, but I secretly wished for a community where I can ask and discuss all of the things in one place.”

“A common concern from a mother.”

We are bombarded with a lot of information everyday…

So, which one should you confide in?

theAsianparent App

'theAsianparent' app offers a wealth of information regarding pregnancy, baby development, and parenting just at your fingertips. It provides trustable articles from experts to answer your urgent questions. Moreover, it welcomes you into a credible community of experienced parents and experts who shares their own experiences.

What is better than learning from other people's experiences as they have gone through what you will have to go through? What is better than sharing your success stories and even your mistakes to let other people learn from you?

'theAsianparent' app also provides interesting and useful features such as Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Tracker, Food & Nutrition, Medicines, Points & Rewards and Contest.

  1. 'Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Tracker' help you monitor and document your own pregnancy journey and baby/toddler growth development. It also gives you what to expect in every development stage throughout the journey.

  2. 'Food & Nutrition' informs you regarding food that is safe to eat during pregnancy, confinement, and breastfeeding process, as well as what nutrition for your body to take in. It also helps you to check what food and nutrition that your baby can eat and will need to assist their growth.

  3. 'Medicines' offers you a hand in checking if the medicines you are taking are safe to be consumed during your pregnancy or breastfeeding.

  4. 'Points & Rewards and Contest' You can redeem rewards with the points you have collected from asking questions, answering them, inviting a friend to join, etc. Contests are also held regularly with great prizes. You will definitely enjoy this!

happy baby and mother

Mommies-to-be & Mommies, you should give it a try! it is FREE!