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May 2021 Covid-19 restrictions for schools, dining-in, grab sharing, household visitors, workplaces.

New Covid-19 measures and restrictions named as “Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)” took effect yesterday from (Sun) 16th May to (Sun) 13th June!

May 2021 Covid-19 restrictions for schools, dining-in, grab sharing, household visitors, workplaces.


What are the new tightened measures to reduce the risk of community transmission?

1. Pre-schools and student care centres remain open, but parents are recommended to keep their children at home.

2. All schools will be doing home-based learning from 19th May to 28th May.

(GCE O and A-level mother tongue exams will still proceed)

3. Tuition centres and enrichment centres will be conducted online or suspended until 13th June.

4. Dining-in is prohibited! Only can do takeaways and deliveries.

(Applicable to all food and beverage outlets, including food courts and hawker centres.)

5. Grab-sharing/Taxis are only allowed to take 2 passengers onboard.

(exception for passengers from the same household)

6. Maximum group sizes for social gatherings are down from 5 to 2 people!

7. Household visitors are capped at 2 per day!

(Exception for grandchildren who are being taken care of by their grandparents on daily basis)

8. Work-from-home is the default at workplaces!

(All employees who are able to work from home will need to do so. Those who need to return to the workplace should adhere to staggered start times and flexible hours. No social gatherings allowed.)

9. Heavy indoor exercise classes/indoor sports activities are not allowed!

10. Personalised services that require you to unmask, will not be allowed. Only medical & dental consultations are still allowed.

(Not allowed services/activities such as saunas, facials, singing, playing wind/brass instruments)

11. Congregational and worship services are still allowed for 50 people without pre-event testing.

(A cap of 100 pax with pre-event testing)

12. Funerals are capped at 20 pax at any point in time on all days, including the wake and burial/cremation.

13. No wedding receptions. Only wedding solemnisations are allowed.

(Wedding solemnisations up to 100 pax with pre-event testing or 50 pax without pre-event testing)

14. Cinemas are still open and able to accommodate 100 pax with pre-event testing and 50 pax without pre-event testing.

(To be in a group of two! No food and drinks allowed)

15. Attractions, shows, museums and libraries operate only at 25% capacity, down from previously 50% capacity.

(Indoor/Outdoor shows and attractions, maximum 100 pax with pre-event testing and 50 without the test.)

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