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Be careful of these apps on your Android devices [PART 2]

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Uninstall these 8 apps from your Android devices as there are hidden malware in them.

Be careful of these 8 apps on your Android devices!


Those harmful applications still end up being available on Google Play and pose risks to your devices.

There are times where some applications with harmful programmes still go unnoticed by Google though it has an analysis system to check for harmful viruses in applications before letting them appear on Google Play.

Hurry and uninstall them!

These 8 applications below have been identified as harmful as they contain Joker malware. The malware works to steal information from devices. Some have reported that they received messages requesting a payment.

The 8 applications that have been identified containing the Joker malware and you must uninstall:

  1. Auxiliary Message

  2. Fast Magic SMS

  3. FreeCamScanner

  4. Super Message

  5. Element Scanner

  6. Go Messages

  7. Travel Wallpapers

  8. Super SMS

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