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Be careful of these apps on your Android devices [PART 1]

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Immediately uninstall these 8 apps from your Android devices as there are hidden malware in them.

Be careful of these 8 apps on your Android devices!

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The malware will hijack SMS message notifications and then make unauthorized purchases. Watch out!

According to McAfee Mobile Research, these 8 apps have been downloaded by more than 7,00,000 users in which it's concerning!

These apps have disguised themselves as wallpapers, photo editors, puzzles, keyboard skins, and other camera-related apps. They are able to pass through the screening of Google Play Store as they submit the clean version of the app for review. Later on, the malicious code is introduced via updates.

When you find these 8 apps on your Android devices, you need to remove/uninstall them immediately!

Here is the list of the 8 apps that you need to pay extra caution with:




  4. com.super.color.hairdryer



  7. com.daynight.keyboard.wallpaper


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