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An interview with Desmond, an audio engineer and his take on why we should consider Silence Booth!

As an audio engineer, Desmond understands the benefit that Silence Booth could offer to tackle noise pollution in our daily life.

As an audio engineer, Desmond understands the benefit that Silence Booth could offer to tackle noise pollution in our daily life.

Self-portrait of Desmond You


Who are you and what is your company name?

My name is Desmond You. I am an Audio Engineer. I am currently working at Homeworks Consultancy Pte Ltd in the Audio Specialist Department.

Tell us more about what you do and what you specialize in?

I specialize in acoustic treatment, soundproofing as well as audio tuning and system design for various venues such as residential, restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs. I also handle A/V installation and cable management.

Why did you decide on embarking this new venture - Silence Booth?

I personally feel that Silence Booth is a perfect and cost-effective solution to tackle the existing urban problems like noise pollution. It will be beneficial and very convenient for many.

What is Silence Booth?

Silence Booth is an isolated and quiet space designed in the form of a booth for people who do not want to be disturbed by 'noise' and do not want their 'noise' to disturb others.

Silence Booth

Photo Courtesy of SoundBox

How can Silence Booth help us in our daily life?

Silence Booth helps musicians or even a music band to practice peacefully by playing their musical instruments without disturbing others. It also helps a light sleeper, a baby, and a patient rest more comfortably away from the unwanted noise.

It offers a more quiet space and privacy for a group discussion and a meeting conducted in an office and saves parents from the noise their kids/pets make when they are having video conference calls or meetings at home.

Silence Booth is also suitable for a music and video editor/producer to work throughout the night without disturbing others. There are so many ways Silence Booth can help us in our daily life. I would say the possibility is endless!

What makes it different from other similar products in the market?

This product is designed by SoundBox, one of the largest acoustic solution companies in Asia. They specialize in designing comfortable, sustainable, and safe acoustic environment products. They are the leading pioneer in the research, development, and manufacture of acoustic, sound control, insulation, and damping systems.

In association with leading acousticians, architects, and interior designers worldwide, their products epitomize the most aesthetically creative and contemporary interpretations by design. Silence Booth is also made according to strict international quality standards. Its products and systems can be found in many places, from the Far East to Europe and the United States of America.

Why should we invest in purchasing Silence Booth?

Silence Booth is mobile. It will follow you wherever you relocate your home or office. This technology saves you from going through the trouble and cost of constructing a new soundproof/acoustic space that cannot be relocated and dismantled as easily later on in the future.

Silence Booth

Photo Courtesy of SoundBox

For more information regarding Desmond’s new venture - Silence Booth, you may read it here “Silence Booth for everyone” or you may visit

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