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Silence Booth for everyone.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Who says that acoustic solutions are for musicians only? Today, let us explore how everyone from all walks of life can use it including the benefits it brings as well as where you can find this new innovative product!

Silent Booth for everyone.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Silent Booth in diefferent sizes and models

Photo Courtesy of SoundBox

“Silence booths are not just for commercial purposes in work spaces, it is also widely used in many other spaces. Below, we aim to help you explore the various possibilities and the rest will be up to your own creativity.”

Work Environment

To reduce the cost of office construction, open concept office layouts have become a common sight in today’s office planning. While it promotes interaction and creative exchange of ideas, there will always be a need for some level of privacy at some point.

Gone are the days where you would have to invest time and money to go through the hassle of constructing a new space which cannot be relocated in future. Instead, many have embraced the technology of Silence Booths.

  1. Silence Booth is specifically designed to reduce incoming and outgoing sound.

  2. It takes up less space and does not require long periods of renovation and inconveniences.

  3. It's versatile in usage and can be relocated just when you need to shift your office in future.

And because of all these benefits, even Alibaba Office in Hangzhou, Huawei Tsinglan International School and the University of British Columbia in Canada are using this product.


It Doesn’t Stop Here!

Silence booths are not just for commercial purposes in work spaces, it is also widely used in many other spaces. Below, we aim to help you explore the various possibilities and the rest will be up to your own creativity.

Silent booth's features: sound insulation, ventilation, lighting, power

Photo Courtesy of SoundBox

Cafes & Restaurants

A silence booth allows for privacy, be it for dining or creating a VIP space depending on the size of the booth that you are going for. In a casual family dining, it can act as a karaoke booth that allows families to have fun without having to spend a large sum of money to partition spaces and not be able to relocate them.

Silent booth and its versatile usage

Photo Courtesy of SoundBox

Homes (HDB Flats, Condos, Landed)

In modern day society, noise can at times trigger unwanted social issues between neighbours, as such, silence booth’s ability to reduce incoming and outgoing noise can be used for:

As such you can use it for:

  1. Musicians: home based studio production, recording and jamming.

  2. Online Streamer, with a well insulated space for live streaming or recording.

  3. Personal home theatre & gaming entertainment room.

  4. Private working, study and reading corner.

  5. Baby, light sleeper and recovery room.

silent booth door handle

Photo Courtesy of SoundBox


More and more organizations are now adopting this product; whether they are schools, libraries, or even churches. For example, the Presbysterian Church / Salvation Army adopted this product for “The Cry Room”.

Other organizations such as community centres, exhibitions, showrooms have also embraced this technology, creating their own private pods which can be relocated and re-used whenever required.

Even the information & technology sector has noticed the potential of how the silence booth can reduce the projection of server equipment noise in work spaces and have recommended the usage of them.

easy assembly of silent booth

Photo Courtesy of SoundBox

Design Features

The versatility of the Silence Booth is due to its design features. Its modular form allows for an easy fit within spaces. Besides, its practical and efficient design comes with 10mm thick sound-insulated tempered glass. Along with it, is its own internal lighting, ventilation controls, power and USB sockets to allow you to integrate your equipment. Plus a motion sensor to help you with the ease of usage.

Given its ease of assembly and range of sizes and colours, it's the perfect solution for private and public spaces. There is so much more which you can easily check out at the official distributor homepage

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