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Amoy Street, a new Made-In-Singapore pixel role-playing game has just released its demo version!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

National Heritage Board is currently showcasing Amoy Street, a pixel role-playing game developed by Elizabeth Ang on DigiMuse Presents: Virtual Showcase.

Amoy Street, a new Made-In-Singapore pixel role-playing game has just released its demo version!

Photo by Dids from Pexels

“I realised games had that social element of bonding people through a shared experience, even when they're physically apart.”

- Elizabeth Ang at The Straits Times

During the Covid-19 circuit breaker period in May, the National Heritage Board (NHB) opened a call to all local creatives and everyday Singaporeans, encouraging them to bring Singapore history, culture, art, and technology together through digital means.

Amoy Street, A Pixel Role Playing Game developed by Elizabeth Ang, is one of the 30 successful proposals being selected for the DigiMuse Presents: Virtual Showcase by NHB.

Photo Courtesy of Amoy Street Demo

What is this Amoy Street game all about?

It is a time-travelling game that goes back to the old 1960s Singapore at Amoy Street. The game revolves around Ah Cheng, who needs to collect memories from other characters so as to repair her grandmother’s silver pin and go back to modern times.

Amoy Street’s demo version went live on NHB’s DigiMuse Presents: Virtual Showcase on 17th November 2020. The demo version features a shophouse with interactable objects where you can see Ah Cheng talking to her mother and grandmother, as well as interacting with selected objects in the game. You can also collect various items in your inventory to unlock memories.

The demo version can be viewed here to get a feel of how the game will look like.

Photo Courtesy of Amoy Street Demo

At one glance, the game reminds me of my favourite childhood games, such as Harvest Moon and Pokemon. Probably because Amoy Street also uses pixel graphics and is designed with a narrative-based setting. What makes it more interesting is that this game actually educates us about Singapore’s history and culture. Spot some Singlish words while playing it!

Stay tuned for its official release in early 2021!

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