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5 main parameters to take note of Singapore’s updated Covid-19 measures - streamlining the SMMs

As Singapore is transitioning to a Covid-19 resilient nation, some of Covid-19 rules are being further simplified to make them easier to comply with.

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“We will simplify our safe management measures so that they are easier for businesses and people, individuals to understand and comply with,"

- co-chair of the multi-ministry task force Gan Kim Yong on Wednesday (Feb 16).

(From 25th February)

1. Safe Distancing

- Safe distancing is no longer mandatory between individuals or groups of people with their masks on.

- However, it is still mandatory in the settings where masks are not worn. The distance will be streamlined to a single safe distance of 1 metre for all settings.

2. Group Size

- Group size for social gatherings remains at 5 persons.

- The maximum number of unique visitors per household will be adjusted from 5 persons per day, to 5 persons at any one time.

3. Mask-wearing

- Mask-wearing will continue to be required as a default. There are no new exceptions.

4. Workplace requirements

- 50% of employees who can work from home are allowed to return to the office.

- Workers with their masks on will not need to maintain 1 metre safe distancing in the - workplace.

- Social gatherings at workplaces are allowed with 5 persons in a group

- No restrictions on cross-deployment of employees across workplaces.

(From 4th March)

5. Capacity Limits

A) The specific event size limits for event such as Religious activities, business events, media conferences, funerary memorial events, wedding receptions, and mask-on classes will be lifted.

- MOH will set the event sizes based on the capacity of the venue

- No more zoning requirements as “the main protection” is through masks and vaccinations

B) MOH will impose capacity limits in large events and settings that pose more infection risks.

- The capacity limits will be imposed for Cruises, MICE and large work-related events, as well as large performing arts venues or sports stadiums

- For other settings such as shopping malls and large standalone stores, the current density limit is at about 50 % capacity. The threshold will be set at 1,000 people for now.

This means:

- Smaller settings/events with ≤1,000 pax can proceed without being subject to any capacity limit.

- Larger settings/events with >1,000 pax and are mask-on would be subject to a capacity limit of 50%. For mask-off events, they would be required to comply with the 1 metre safe distancing requirement and prevailing group size, which will already serve to limit capacity.

Photo Courtesy of CNA

For more information regarding the updated Covid-19 measures in the midst of an Omicron wave, you may visit here

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References: Ministry of Health (website) CNA (website)

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