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Who is Taisui, Why He is Offended, and How to Have a Smooth Year

Has an elder told you that you or someone around you that you/his/her Zodiac animal has offended Taisui? Now what does that mean?

Tai Sui hall in Hong Kong

Image: Wong Tai Sin Temple

In Chinese astrology, one often encounters the concept of 'Taisui', also known as 'Tai Sui' or Grand Duke Jupiter. Taisui is commonly regarded as a deity or a cosmic energy associated with the planet Jupiter, and is believed to influence the fortunes and misfortunes of individuals throughout the year.

Taisui is considered the god of the year, responsible for overseeing the well-being and harmony of the earthly realm. According to Chinese tradition, 60 Taisuis take turns to preside over a specific zodiac animal each year. As Jupiter orbits the sun, its position relative to Earth changes, and this alignment is believed to impact the flow of energy and luck in people's lives.

The year when one's Chinese zodiac animal aligns with Taisui is known as their "Taisui year." During this time, individuals may experience a series of challenges, obstacles, or setbacks. It's believed that Taisui's energy may clash with one's personal energy, leading to disharmony and disruption if not properly appeased.

taisui and animals

To understand why Taisui might be offended, one must delve into the intricate beliefs of Chinese astrology. Taisui represents a formidable force in the cosmos, and any perceived disrespect or disregard for this energy can evoke its wrath. Actions such as facing the wrong direction during important ceremonies, renovating or construction in the direction of Taisui, or engaging in confrontations with those in authority can incur Taisui's displeasure and magnify negative energies in different aspects (e.g. health, wealth, relationships, business, love).

Fortunately, there are ways to appease Taisui and navigate the year with grace and harmony. Observing traditional customs and practices can help mitigate the negative effects associated with Taisui. According to Chinese astrologists, these include:

Respectful Conduct: Show deference and respect towards Taisui by avoiding confrontations, conflicts, or disrespectful behavior.

Feng Shui Adjustments: Make adjustments to your living or work space according to Feng Shui principles to harmonize with the energy of Taisui.

Offerings and Prayers: Offer prayers, incense, or offerings to honor Taisui and seek his blessing for a smooth year ahead.

Wearing Protective Talismans: Wear protective talismans or amulets, such as Tai Sui pendants or bracelets, believed to ward off negative energy.

Charitable Acts: Engage in charitable acts or deeds of kindness to accumulate positive karma and offset any negative influences.

12 zodiac animal wheel

By observing these practices and remaining mindful of Taisui's influence, individuals can navigate their Taisui year with greater ease and ensure a smoother, more prosperous journey ahead. Ultimately, understanding and respecting the cosmic forces at play in Chinese astrology can empower individuals to harness positive energy and lead fulfilling lives.

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