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We are back to 2 persons per social gathering & dine-in group with WFH as the default working mode!

Reduced from 5 Pax to 2 Pax per group starting from today till 24th October 2021! More updates for Covid-19 measures can be viewed below.

Reduced from 5 Pax to 2 Pax per group starting from today till 24th October 2021

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Due to the increased number of community cases in Singapore recently, the Government tightens community measures to stabilize the situation. According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), the measures will be reviewed after 2 weeks of implementation.

Singapore’s COVID-19 community measures, which are implemented starting today, 27th September until 24th October:


Social Gatherings

  • Max 2 persons and only up to 1 social gathering a day

  • Up to 2 unique visitors per household or per day



  • Group size for dine-in at regular F&B outlets is reduced from 5 to 2 fully vaccinated persons per group (Including unvaccinated person with a valid negative PET result, recovered individuals and children aged 12 years old and below)

  • Hawker centres and coffee shops will still allow a group of 2 persons (vaccinated or not)


Work-from-home (WFH) is the default!

  • If need to return to workplaces, continue to implement flexible working hours and stagger the start timings

  • Employees, contractors, vendors who cannot work from home are very encouraged to self-test weekly via an Antigen Rapid Test (ART)


Sports & Exercise:

  • Indoor mask-off/High-intensity activities & classes to be capped at 30 vaccinated people (in groups of 2)

  • Indoor mask-on and outdoor (mask-on/off) activities & classes to be capped at 50 people (in groups of 2) regardless of vaccinated or not


Home-Based Learning (HBL)

  • For all Primary and Special Education (SPED) schools, it will be extended till 7th October

  • Private Education Institutions (PEIs) implement HBL for all students aged 12 years and below until 10th October

  • Enrichment/Tuition classes for students aged 12 years and below to be conducted online or be suspended


Events sizes

  • Remain at up to 1000 fully vaccinated attendees for Congregational and other worship services, cinemas, MICE (meetings, incentive, conferencing, exhibitions), live performances, spectator sports events

  • Only up to 50 attendees to be allowed without PET



  • Marriage Solemnization is allowed to continue with fully vaccinated attendees to be seated in groups of 2. Without PET, only up to 50 attendees are allowed.

  • Home solemnization is allowed with up to 10 attendees

  • Wedding Reception of up to 250 attendees are allowed, if all are fully vaccinated with a group size of up to 5 persons per table


For more information regarding the updated Covid-19 measures, you may take a look at Ministry of Health

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