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StickTogether Lok Lok Stall at Marine Parade offers unconventional flavours for Lok Lok lovers!

Give it a try! Unlike others, they have Wanton Quail Egg, Bacon Rock Melon, Crispy Abalone with Ebiko and 6 unique homemade dipping sauces!

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Photo Courtesy of StickTogetherloklok


Have you tried Lok Lok before? You don’t have to wait till JB or Malaysia reopens to try one. There have been quite a number of Lok Lok places opened in Singapore.

Let me introduce you to one of my favourite Lok Lok Stalls in Singapore!

Photo Courtesy of Circular Connection

StickTogether Lok Lok is quite one of a kind as compared to their other competitors.

You can even tell it straight away by looking at its cute and cheerful branding! Oh yes, I love their creative and fun branding! It is so relevant for the young generation and very kid-friendly, bringing a fresh vibe to the usual and ordinary hawker centre atmosphere.

Photo Courtesy of Circular Connection

The creative aspect that StickTogether Lok Lok possesses does not only run in the concept and branding of the stall. The owners come up with unconventional flavours such as Wanton Quail Egg, Bacon Rock Melon, Golden Bak Kwa Coin and Crispy Abalone with Ebiko! I bet you cannot find these variants of skewers at other Lok Lok stalls yet!

StickTogether Lok Lok loves to experiment and develop new and exciting menu for their customers! They have came up with two recent additions to their shelf: Shishamo ($1.5) and Portobello($1.0). You should give them a try! The seasoning they put on the Shishamo has made its flavour stands out so well! As for the Portobello, they might just be the first Lok Lok place to even use that ingredient!

Photo Courtesy of StickTogetherloklok

They offer 6 different dipping sauces that you can choose from:

  • Thai Sweet & Chilli Sauce

  • Tomato Sauce

  • Thai Seafood Chilli Sauce

  • Laoganmayo

  • TomYumayo

  • Wasabee

My favourite sauces from them are their Wasabee and TomYumayo. I personally do not like Wasabi when I eat my sushi, but when I gave StickTogether Lok Lok’s Wasabee sauce a try, I really loved it! It really goes well with their Wanton Quail Egg!

Everything on the menu is $1 onwards.

How do you identify the different pricing for the skewers?

  • Skewers with no colour cost $1 each

  • Skewers with green marks cost $1.5 each

  • Skewers with red marks cost $2 each

  • Special items have different pricing! (Crispy Abalone with Ebiko is $3.50/ea. Buy 2 for $6)

Spoiler alert: They are going to release a new special item with Wagyu! Definitely can’t wait!

StickTogether Lok Lok is located just a few mins away from East Coast Park! To be exact, it occupies one of the units at Blk 80 Marine Parade Central Coffee Shop, just opposite Faith Community Baptist Church and also located near NTUC Finest. Come and drop by StickTogether Lok Lok for dinner or late night supper right after spending your day at the beach!

Photo Courtesy of Circular Connection

The owners of StickTogether Lok Lok, Sam Leung and Pearlynn Tan were both former Singapore Airlines cabin crew and they have been running the Lok Lok stall since December last year. They are such a sweet, fun, and friendly couple! Don’t forget to say Hi to them!

Address: 80 Marine Parade Central 440080

Opening Hours:

(Sun , Tue - Thu) 1700 PM - 2300 AM

(Fri - Sat) 1700 PM - 0200 AM

(Mon) Closed

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