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Singapore’s First Co-living Train Hotel

Singapore is set to pioneer a groundbreaking concept in hospitality with the introduction of its first co-living train hotel, courtesy of Tiny Pod, a local startup. Situated within LaunchPad @ one-north, renowned as an innovator's hub for groundbreaking solutions, this project marks a significant leap in reimagining hospitality spaces.

Tiny Pod's train hotel

Image: Tiny Pod

The focal point of this innovative venture is the transformation of a decommissioned SMRT train carriage into a boutique co-living hotel, a feat made possible through the collaborative efforts of Tiny Pod and the support of JTC. The train hotel will house eight rooms, each boasting modern amenities and a private bathroom for guests' convenience.

What sets this venture apart is its commitment to providing an immersive experience. LCD panels installed within the driver's compartment will showcase real-time footage of the train's previous journeys through tunnels, adding a unique touch to the guests' stay.

Train Hotel location at ayer rajah

Image: Google Maps

Located adjacent to Block 69 Ayer Rajah Crescent, the co-living train hotel will be complemented by a newly developed public recreational space. This green oasis will feature food and beverage vending machines, bicycle racks, and repurposed train chairs serving as outdoor benches, creating a dynamic environment for both guests and the community alike.

Renovation works commenced in March 2024, with the co-living train hotel expected to welcome its first guests by September 2024. Leveraging the collaborative spirit of LaunchPad @ one-north, Tiny Pod has partnered with local startup Igloo Home to integrate smart lock systems, enhancing the security and convenience of the hotel.

This project represents an expansion of Tiny Pod's successful foray into unique hospitality concepts. Building upon the popularity of their pop-up shipping container hotel launched in 2020 at LaunchPad @ one-north, Tiny Pod has since expanded their footprint to urban and public spaces, including Gardens by the Bay and Haw Par Villa.

Tiny Pod's train hotel

Image: Tiny Pod

Founder & CEO of Tiny Pod, Mr. Seah Liang Chiang, views this endeavor as a testament to the growing demand for eco-conscious alternatives in the hospitality industry. By repurposing underutilized spaces and prioritizing sustainability, Tiny Pod aims to not only meet but exceed the expectations of conscientious travelers seeking authentic and environmentally friendly accommodations.

With support from partners such as JTC, LTA, MTI, and STB, Tiny Pod's co-living train hotel exemplifies a commitment to driving positive change within the industry while delivering memorable experiences for guests. As eco-conscious tourism gains momentum, ventures like this pave the way for a more sustainable future in hospitality.