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Ongoing Event: 'The [Not-So] Convenience Store' at National Design Centre till 30th March 2021.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Not your normal convenience store! Come and take a look at what this exhibition is all about. Exciting things are brewing in the air.

HDB has conducted the trial of a smart parking system at Punggol Northshore, earlier this year.

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Before we start, are you a fan of sustainability?

If yes, you will definitely love this store! Even if you are not, you will still be amazed at what this store is trying to do! It is filled with so many fun, exciting, and creative ideas as well as environmentally friendly alternatives to balance our “way too convenient” lives!

The outlook design of this store appears to be just like any other typical convenience stores out there. But wait till you take a look inside and find out what they are actually selling and offering!

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It is the world’s first convenience store to promote inconvenience!

Wait.. what do you mean?

This store's concept is revolving around the message that your little inconvenience can actually make a whole big difference to the Earth! They are offering sustainable alternatives on their shelves, and those alternatives will require more effort on the part of the customers.

Yes, you are right; The [Not-So] Convenience Store will gently raise our awareness of the danger and the price that we need to pay to our Mother Earth due to our convenience culture. Without us realising, it contributes greatly to the world's growing waste problem and global-warming!

As mentioned by Astri Nursalim, creative director at Kinetic Singapore, “With The [Not-So] Convenience Store, we want to tell people that there is a price to convenience.”

What can you expect to see in-store?

Their products range from reusable metal straws, portable glass cups & bottles, rechargeable batteries, menstrual cups, silicone food bags, hand soap tablets, and many more.

You won't find any drinks inside their fridge at the store, but instead, they use the fridge as a display shelf to showcase their products: the reusable bottles and cups.

Another creative message they are trying to tell customers is that we need to “put a freeze on e-waste!”

Thus, they use the freezer as a recycling bin for customers to drop off their old electronic items.

And if you have too many reusable bags at home? You can also come and donate them at the store!

The entrance fee is free! Let’s go!

As part of the National Design Centre's "Sustainability & Design" programme line-up for January 2021, this space is conceptualised by Kinetic Singapore, supported by Temasek Shophouse and DesignSingapore Council. It is currently held at the National Design Centre until 30th March 2021!


National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, Pop-up Gallery, Level 1 (#01-01)

Operating Hours:

25 Jan - 30 Mar 2021 (including Public Holidays)

09.00 AM - 09.00 PM

While you are visiting the [Not-So] Convenience Store exhibition, you can also Visit the ‘Hungry Design’ Exhibition at National Design Centre for free, only until 31st March! These two events are currently happening at the same time.

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