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New shopping mall, Canberra Plaza opens on 18 December 2020 in Singapore.

New shopping mall in the north side of Singapore with outlets such as A&W, KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, Daiso and more located at Canberra View via the MRT station.

Opening Soon!! Canberra Plaza welcomes visitors from 18 December 2020 onwards.


Already bored of visiting Northpoint City, Sun Plaza, or Causeway Point to satisfy your hunger and shopping desire? Don’t know where else to meet your friends? Rest assured!

There will be a new ‘face’ in town to be added into your next retail and food destinations list in the north!

Canberra Plaza to open on 18 December 2020

Photo Courtesy of Canberra Plaza

Good news!!! A Christmas present for all!!

Those of you who stay in the north will be so happy to welcome a new shopping mall addition to your area! Canberra Plaza will be opening their doors on 18 December 2020, as announced on their Facebook page recently! Another place to consider spending your Christmas at!

Very Convenient!

It is very convenient to get to Canberra Plaza. This retail & food outlet is just 1 minute away from Canberra MRT station as it is directly connected to the MRT station. Residents who stay in the Sembawang area will also access Canberra Plaza easily via the link bridges.

What can you anticipate?

There might be around 39 vendors that have confirmed with Canberra Plaza. Some of the exciting ones are A&W, NTUC FairPrice, Starbucks, Daiso, and many more!

According to their official Facebook page, below are the retail and food outlets’ list to be anticipated in a few weeks from now.

The updated Mall Directory (as of 2 Dec 2020) :

Photo Courtesy of Canberra Plaza

Are you excited?! We definitely are!!

Canberra Plaza will also be equipped with a Water Play Park for families with kids to enjoy. There will also be shared communal spaces and community gardens for people from all walks of life to interact and bond with their loved ones. Please don’t forget to stay safe, wear your mask, and maintain a safe distance from one another!

Address: 133 Canberra View, Singapore 750133

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