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Leafy Riches: Unlocking the Power of the Money Plant

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

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Reading this article means you are likely curious about the benefits of money plant, so let us dive right into the top reasons it benefits us, and then give more on background if you like to learn more.

Benefits of Epipremnum aureum, also known as money plant.

  1. Money plants serve as natural air purifiers, filtering toxins and ensuring breathable air.

  2. Money plants neutralize harmful gadget radiation for a healthier environment.

  3. Money plants enrich room aesthetics, introducing a touch of natural ambiance.

  4. Green color aids stress relief and fosters tranquility in environments.

  5. Money plant in the bedroom improves sleep and eases anxiety effectively.

  6. Money plant fosters wealth and growth with proper vastu placement.

  7. Low-maintenance, thrives independently, and grows abundantly with minimal care.

  8. Money plant attracts positive energy, dispels negativity in its surroundings.


Explore the significance and reasons every home benefits from a money plant.

Decades of advanced technology have heightened intoxication risks—constant electronic radiation, elevated air pollution, reliance on filtered water, processed foods, and chemical-laden products emphasize our detachment from nature. Introducing indoor plants, particularly a money plant in the bedroom or living room, proves beneficial amid this artificial environment.

Placement of money plant in the house

Photo Credit to Vaastumangaal


Introducing a money plant in your bedroom adds greenery while considering its placement based on the room's direction. Benefits include stress relief, aiding hypertension and sleeplessness, boosting mood, creativity, and productivity. The plant soothes eyes, combats fatigue, removes toxins, and enhances oxygen balance. For optimal results, follow specific guidelines based on your bedroom's direction, consulting a vastu expert for west or southwest placements. Maintain a 5-foot gap from the bed to ensure undisturbed sleep, especially if using AC. Regular misting and indirect sunlight contribute to the plant's well-being.


A small money plant sapling in the kitchen offers considerable benefits. The placement, however, requires careful consideration due to the elemental balance in the kitchen—fire, plant representing life, and elements of earth, water, and air. Proper placement helps counteract negative energy from the gas burner, maintaining a balance. Keep the plant a prudent distance from the burner, about 4-5 feet, and preferably near the kitchen window for optimal results.


Adding some greenery to the bathroom is a great idea. It absorbs negative energy and provides a soothing atmosphere, uplifting your mood. If there's extra space and it complies with the direction, consider placing a money plant, as it thrives in the warm and humid bathroom conditions.

Money plants are versatile and can be placed in various spaces like balconies, living rooms, entrances, libraries, offices, and children's desks. This enhances mood, aids focus, and brings prosperity. Follow vastu guidelines for positive energy and monetary benefits. While wealth comes in diverse forms, a well-placed money plant can contribute to professional and personal success.

Other Believes

Scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, money plants are popular indoors for vastu in homes and workplaces. Despite the fanciful idea of money growing on leaves, the name stems from their coin-shaped foliage. Following vastu principles, strategically placing money plants can genuinely enhance wealth accumulation.


Optimal Money Plant Placement According to Vastu Principles

Money plant placement in vastu is crucial, demanding careful selection of direction. Proper positioning ensures positive energy flow, considering each direction's unique attributes in vastu shastra.

Photo Credit to Vaastumangaal

South East Direction

Vastu experts recommend the south as the ideal direction for a money plant, associated with goddess Lakshmi and wealth. Aligned with Venus, it adds aesthetic appeal and prosperity. Placing it in the southeast corner enhances financial aspects and reputation. Avoid the southwest corner, opting for a red/brown soil-rooted case instead of a bottle for maximum effectiveness.

North Direction

The north, governed by Kuber, the god of wealth, is highly auspicious for money plant placement. This fosters prosperity in career and business. Planting in a blue bottle or vase is crucial for reaping its benefits. Avoid red or yellow containers, as they may hinder wealth accumulation.

East Direction

Planting a money plant in the east direction is beneficial, especially for those in social careers or businesses requiring interaction. It aids in expanding your social circle and connecting with influential individuals. Opt for a green bottle or vase in this placement.

West Direction

Avoid planting a money plant in the West direction, as it's less effective. If unavoidable, use a blue water bottle. Ensure vines grow vertically, not spreading on the floor. These general guidelines apply, but consulting a vastu expert for personalized advice based on your space and requirements is recommended.

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