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Further easing of Covid-19 rules that you need to know from 29th March 2022!

Group sizes will increase to 10 Pax, optional mask-wearing when outdoors, no need VTL flights, etc.

Further easing of Covid-19 rules that you need to know from 29th March 2022!

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Let’s get to the point! What are some of the changes that will take effect on 29th March 2022:

1. Group Size

- Group size for social gatherings increase from 5 persons to 10 persons.

- The maximum number of unique visitors per household will be adjusted from 5 persons at any one time, to 10 persons at any one time.

2. Mask-wearing

- Mask-wearing is mandatory for indoor settings when people leave their homes, but will be optional in outdoor settings.

- 1m safe-distancing is still required for mask-off settings

3. Dining in at F&B establishments

- Up to 10 fully vaccinated people can dine in at F&B establishments, including Hawker Centres and Coffee Shops, where full vaccination-differentiated SMMs (VDS) checks have been implemented at their entrances.

- F&B operators can seat smaller groups of 5 fully vaccinated people without the need for full VDS checks at their entrance.

- Sale and consumption of alcohol are allowed after 10.30 pm

- Live performances and screening of live broadcast programmes and recorded entertainment in F&B establishments can resume.

- Groups that are involved in the performances will need to comply with prevailing safe management measures; up to 10 unmasked persons.

4. Vocalisation activities are allowed (provided masks being worn throughout the activity):

- Congregational singing and chanting

- Cheering by audiences/spectators/participants at events

- Singing in general settings, including in schools

5. Larger-scale social gatherings and events

- Larger-scale social gatherings and events such as gala dinners, corporate dinner-and-dance events (D&Ds), birthday celebrations and anniversaries are allowed to resume.

- No more than 10 persons per table

- Safe distancing of 1m maintained between tables

- To limit their interactions to the same group they are seated with

6. Workplace

- 75% of employees who are able to work from home can return to offices

7. Travel

From 1st April:

- All vaccinated travellers can enter Singapore without quarantine and no need for VTL flights

- No longer need to serve Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or undergo Covid-19 ART test after arriving in Singapore

- Pre-departure test still needed within 2 days before departure for Singapore

Further easing of Covid-19 rules that you need to know from 29th March 2022!

Photo Courtesy of The Straits Times

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References: The Straits Times (website)

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