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Enjoy FairPrice’s New Friday 5% discount starting from 4th March!

Purchase your daily necessities such as rice, oil, and even paper products every Friday at all FairPrice outlets.

Hershey's McFlurry, Sundaes & Cones, and the new mango pie are available at all McDonald's outlets.

Photo by Michael Burrows from Pexels


NTUC FairPrice offers a 5% discount for 100 daily essential items every Friday!

NTUC FairPrice is introducing a new 5% discount for 100 daily essential items every Friday at all FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Shop stores, FairPrice Finest outlets, and FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets.

The essential items comprise daily staples such as rice, oil, eggs, vegetables, meat, laundry and paper products. You may click here to see the list of 100 daily essential items.

From 4th March till the end of the year.

As announced by FairPrice Group on 14th Feb, the discount will start on this coming 4th March until the end of the year. This initiative is a part of FairPrice Group’s Stretch Your Dollar programme. It aims to help customers cope with the increased cost of living during the Covid-19 pandemic and inflationary factors such as logistic logjam and rising oil prices.

To know more regarding other ongoing initiatives and discounts from NTUC FairPrice, you may visit here!

Restock your daily staples every Friday at all FairPrice supermarkets and hypermarkets! Don’t say we never share!


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