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Director of ACE GT Pte Ltd shares useful tips for Car Owners in keeping their cars well-maintained.

George shares a few words with car owners, including the benefits of Ceramic Pro and its Nanoceramic Coating technology for cars.

George offers professional workmanship & quality in Car Care Services with Ceramic Pro.

Photo Courtesy of ACE GT Pte Ltd


1. How can car owners keep their cars well-maintained?

  1. Keep the surface of your vehicle clean and dry at all times.

  2. Apply wax or sealant frequently to slow down damages from our environmental contaminants.

  3. Alternatively, you may want to invest in a good coating to create a good inorganic layer. Most coatings out there are either organic or they do not bond onto the paintwork. The organic coatings usually only last 1-2 years.

  4. As for car owners who experience paint chips on the front or side of the vehicle, there are clear paint protection films available in the market.

2. Why is it good to keep their cars well-maintained?

Who wants to drive a car that is full of stains and scratches? The condition of the car does affect its resale value and ease of selling the car too! So, keep your car well-maintained!

3. How can Nanoceramic Coating technology specifically help car owners to save cost in maintaining the condition of their cars in the short/long run?

Nowadays, the paint system of a car is getting thinner and thinner. Hence, frequent polishing will actually do more harm than good to your car.

Every polishing done to your car, a certain percentage of the car’s clear coat needs to be sacrificed in order to reveal a new surface. If the clear coat has been polished too frequently, the only way to restore it will be to repaint. However, the original paintwork will still have the best bonding surface and the least flaws.

Photo Courtesy of ACE GT Pte Ltd

Ceramic Pro 9H Nanoceramic Coating technology is inorganic. The Nanoceramic particles will fill up the clear coat’s pores and create an interlock cross link with the clear coat and form a 3D matrix structure at a molecular level. This unique structure allows the coating to be multi layered to increase its thickness, making it one of its kind products in the industry. It is impossible to be washed off and any damages on the coating will need abrasive methods to remove.

Thus, by using Nanoceramic Coating technology, car owners will save cost in maintaining their cars’ condition in the long run.

Video Courtesy of Ceramic PRO Singapore

4. What final advice do you have for car owners?

It's for anyone! The Nanoceramic Coating will be able to ensure your car is kept in clean condition for a long time. It has self-healing and self-cleaning ability to prolong the look with chemical resistance, anti-graffiti, UV resistance, scratch resistance and multi-layered properties.

Ceramic Pro has been officially tested by “SGS”, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and clarification company. Ceramic pro products have also been certified for non-toxicity by SGS. So, it is safe to use the products!


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