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A wake-up call for the creative industry all over the world to “Say NO to FREE DESIGN”.

IDCS (Interior Design Confederation Singapore) is proud to be a supporter of this Movement.

A wake-up call for the creative industry all over the world to “Say NO to FREE DESIGN”.

‘Say No to Free Design’ is a global movement headed by Mr Ed Mun, an Interior Designer with over 30 years’ experience specializing in retail and corporate interior design. He is the founder and design director of Malaysia’s independent design firm Space Utilization Analyst (S.U.A) Interior.

The movement started because Mr Ed Mun realized that Interior Design Industry has been abused greatly by others. The industry has become so commercialized that its creative value has been mistreated.

Quality is no longer a necessary evil, but instead, volume and money-making are!

The industry became so spoiled to the extent that there is Free Design given to customer. At the end of the day, the designers are the ones suffering. In order to strike a deal and put food on their table, the designers are required to start giving out the proposal first before getting paid, leading to free labour.

The Free Design then becomes an entitlement to customer and a bargaining chip for them to pit designers against one another for a single job. Many designers in the creative industry are exploited, with their work being underpaid or not paid at all. They are mistreated, patronised, and taken advantage for personal or commercial gain.

Will the industry and the people wake up from their slumber and start to appreciate the values of our creative industry and the designers?

Therefore, the movement aims to:

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships to foster positive professional environment for everyone in the creative industry.

  • Give creative designers a voice they need in addressing the issues of unethical business practices of giving “free designs”.

  • Create a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

“I don’t care what other thinks about this movement, this movement is actually giving back to this industry. I just want to make this industry - Beautiful Again, like how it was last time!” - Mr Ed Mun

A wake-up call for the creative industry all over the world to “Say NO to FREE DESIGN”.

Photo Courtesy of IDCS

IDCS has created an artwork that can be used by all designers. You just need to insert your own profile photo to show support for this campaign and share it on your social media. Click here to increase awareness and participate in this movement.

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