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Zoom is setting up a new R&D centre in Singapore, offering job recruitments for Singapore talents!

The video communications software company is expanding its existence in Singapore, immediately hiring engineers and sales staff.

Zoom is setting up a new R&D centre in Singapore, offering job recruitments for Singapore talents!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


On 16 December 2020, Zoom Video Communications Inc has announced that they would open a research and development centre in Singapore.

The company is planning to employ many talents from Singapore, especially the engineering staff and sales. They have already posted some of the job openings on their website Zoom Careers

Besides, they also mentioned that they planned to double their data centre capacity in Singapore to continue providing users with even better services. This will be another addition to its previously launched Singapore data centre in August this year - its first data centre in Southeast Asia.

“Zoom has changed the realm of what we thought was possible. We can work from anywhere rather than a fixed location. We can brainstorm, learn or even have dinner and drinks together remotely.”

- Kai Fong Chng, Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board

Zoom has definitely helped us to cope up with The New Normal!

During this Covid-19 pandemic year, Zoom has gained a lot of recognition. Many users, including students, workers, and professionals, have been using it creatively to hold various activities online due to the strict restrictions on physical meetings. It is said that the number of Zoom users will continue to increase further!

With its video conferencing service, what’s supposed to be offline activities - such as academic lessons, exams, seminars, business meetings, religious fellowships, workout sessions, workshops, etc - are still possible to be conducted even during the Circuit Breaker (lockdowns) period in Singapore and all around the world. It has made studying and working from home easier.

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