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Singapore returns to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) starting from this Thursday, 22 July to 18 Aug 2021!

Only 2 people for Social Gatherings, No more dining in, 2 household visitors per day - Stricter Covid-19 measures will be implemented.

Singapore returns to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) starting from this Thursday, 22 July to 18 Aug 2021!

Photo by Tim Douglas from Pexels


Singapore will return to phase 2 (heightened alert)! What are the things to take note:

Summary of what you can and cannot do from 22nd July 2021 till 18th Aug 2021 in order to control the recent increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore.

1. No more dining-in! Only takeaways & deliveries

- Applicable for both indoor and outdoor F&B including hawker centres and food courts.

- Cinemas are not allowed to serve food and beverages as well.

2. Social gatherings of 2:

- Maximum group sizes of up to 2 persons

- Only 2 distinct household visitors per day

- To limit overall number of social gatherings to not more than 2 a day

3. Sports/Exercise activities & Sports Classes

- Mask-off indoor exercise classes/sports activities to cease.

- Mask-off outdoor activities are allowed with a class size limit of 2 persons.

- Mask-on sports classes and activities can still continue to be conducted but only for 30 people and with groups to be capped at 2.

4. In-person tuition and Enrichment Classes

- Class sizes can go up to 50 people, but groups to be capped at 2

5. Mask-off personalised care services are not allowed with exception for Medical & Dental consultations

- Personalised care services such as facials, saunas and make-up services have to be suspended from operating.

- Medical and Dental consultations requiring patients to remove masks, will still be able to continue.

6. Working From Home is the default arrangement

- Social gatherings at the workplace are not allowed

7. Wedding

- For Wedding Solemnisation:

Up to 100pax with Pre Event Testing (PET)

Up to 50pax without PET

Group size of up to 2pax

- For Wedding Reception:

Up to 100pax with Pre Event Testing (PET) for all attendees.

Group size of up to 5pax.

8. Live performances/Spectator Sports Events/Worship Services/MICE

- Only up to 100pax with PET

- Up to 50pax without PET

- Group size to be capped at 2pax

- Unmasked singing and playing of wind instruments will not be allowed.

9. Attractions/Shopping Malls/Public Libraries/Museums/Cruises

- Operating capacity at 25%

- Shopping malls and showrooms to reduce their maximum occupancy limit to 16sq m of gross floor area per person.

10. SafeEntry check-in will be mandatory for all markets and hawker centres

- Check in with TraceTogether app or token only

More information regarding the tightened Covid-19 measures as of 22 July 2021 will be elaborated below: