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McDonald's ALL DAY Breakfast is back with something NEW!

From official source of McDonald's Facebook social media page, the All Day Breakfast will return on 28th February 2022 and as a BONUS, something new is coming!

Hershey's McFlurry, Sundaes & Cones, and the new mango pie are available at all McDonald's outlets.

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Apart from the usual McGriddles, Chicken Lovers will enjoy the new Chicken McGriddles® with Egg on the 28th February 2022.

Brand NEW Chicken McGriddles with Egg!

  • Maple-flavored griddle cakes with crispy chicken patty, add a layer of melted cheese coupled with a round egg and a dash of mayo.

Photo Courtesy of McDonalds Singapore

  • The unforgettable Kit Kat McFlurry plus, crisp crust molten chocolate pie is back as well.

  • And finally, what's breakfast in Singapore without the traditional Kopi, but this time round in the form of Kopi Frappé to help keep the morning chill.

Hershey’s ChocoCone for $1.60

Remember, you might not need to rush since its ALL DAY BREAKFAST so chill and relax, you have the entire day to make your order.

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