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8-person limit on social gatherings will be reduced to only 5 due to rising community cases in SG.

Singapore tightens Covid-19 measures starting from 8th May to 30th May with stricter restrictions and some changes to be in place.

8-person limit on social gatherings will be reduced to only 5 due to rising community cases in SG.


From 8th May to 30th May, Singapore will be tightening Covid-19 restrictions to reduce the risk of community spread, as follows:

1. Social Gatherings:

  • People are allowed to gather only in groups of 5, instead of previously eight.

  • Households are allowed to only receive 5 unique visitors per day, instead of eight.

  • People are advised to stick with a maximum of 2 social gatherings a day.

2. Workplaces:

  • No more than 50% of employees who are able to work from home are permitted to return to the workplace at any one time, lowered from 75% currently.

  • Limited to 5 people at a time for workplace social gatherings such as lunch etc.

  • Continue to stagger start times of employees who need to return to the workplace & implement flexible working hours.

3. Gyms and Fitness Studios:

  • Indoor gyms and fitness studios are to be closed

  • Outdoor exercise classes may still continue but limited to 30 per class in total. Group sizes to be kept to 5 pax with a 3m distance between each group.

4. Funerals:

  • No more than 30 people are allowed on the day of burial/cremation, reduced from 50 currently.

  • The cap for other days of the wake remains at 30 at any one time.

5. Marriage Solemnisations and Wedding Receptions:

  • Number of attendees allowed will remain at maximum 250 in zones of up to 50. This limit excludes wedding vendors and solemniser.

  • For wedding receptions of more than 50 attendees, pre-event testing for all attendees including the wedding couple.

  • For solemnisations of more than 50 attendees, pre-event testing for the bride and groom.

6. Sports Events:

  • No spectators are allowed

  • Mass participation sports events will be suspended.

7. Congregational and Worship Services:

  • Up to 100 attendees or up to 250 attendees with pre-event testing.

  • Masked congregational singing will be suspended.

8. Live Performances/Pilot Business-to-Business Events:

  • Maximum number of attendees to be lowered from 750 to 250 people.

  • Pre-event testing is required when there are more than 100 attendees.

9. Cinemas:

  • Maximum number of attendees to be capped at 100 pax, or up to 250 with pre-event testing.

10. Museums & Public Libraries:

  • Operating capacity to be reduced from 65% to 50%.

11. Tours:

  • Tour group size will be reduced from 50 pax to 20 pax.

12. SafeEntry:

From 17th May:

  • People are no longer allowed to use Singpass App or phone's integrated camera to scan venue's QR code.

  • Instead all entry can only be done by using the scanner on the official TraceTogether App and TraceTogether token.

  • Identification card (IC) check-ins will be retained only till 31st May.

Therefore, everyone must have either a TraceTogether token or a TraceTogether app. No other modes of entry will be available.

Click here to find out more regarding the additional Covid-19 community measures from 8-30 May 2021.

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